Distinguished Expert in 4 Position Air Rifle, Jackie Franke with instructors, Jay and Joe Galica

Ripon Rifle & Pistol Club

10/28/21                                                                    PO Box 543 Ripon, Wisconsin 54971 (920)748-5371 NRA Affiliated-Class A Club #248

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Welcome to our Web site!

     The ranges are "open" to members only.  All of our events are open to the public. We offer a variety of shooting activities for everyone to enjoy. Beginners are always welcome!
     The Indoor Range, located at 679 S. Union St, Ripon, is open October-April. The 2 Outdoor Ranges, located at N9089 S. Koro Rd and N8969 County Road FF, are about 1-1 miles northwest of Ripon and are open year-round except during the 9 day gun deer season.
     Click here for a map----Location of Ranges. The FF Range encompasses 25-600yd shooting, trap and sporting clays. The Koro Range is currently host to USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Assoc.), IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assoc.), SASS (Single Action Shooting Society), 3 Gun, Steel Challenge, 200yd rifle and pistol shooting. See the Activities Page for a brief description and contact information for all of our Events. The Club Calendar is frequently updated to show any upcoming events or closures.

     We also offer instruction for different classes: NRA Basic Pistol, Women Only Basic Pistol, Dept. of Justice Concealed Carry course, Personal Protection in the Home, Safety Officer Training, Shooting Skills, Intro. to IDPA, and Junior Basic Marksmanship (for kids 8-13).     

**Calendar of Events**

Membership News

Club News

     Membership is open to any person legally allowed to own a firearm in the United States. Dues are voted on at the October monthly meeting for the following year. The outdoor ranges have the same combination and are reset the first of each year. Membership runs from Jan. 1-Dec. 31. We do not prorate for later admissions.
     Applications mailed/emailed out need to be completed and mailed/emailed back every year. New members for each year are required by our by-laws to attend a 30-45 minute safety orientation in order to get their first card with the combination.

     Membership Options for 2022:

  1. Life Membership--$750
  2. Yearly Membership--$70
    Also called a Family Membership; this covers an individual, married couple, or a family for the year. Children 18 (unless still in high school) and older will need their own membership. (See Young Adult)
  3. Young Adult Membership--$30
    For adults age 18-21 (age 24 with proof of college enrollment). This is a yearly membership.
  4. Indoor Range Season Limited Membership--$30
    **There is NO LONGER a discounted membership for the Outdoor Events.
  5. We offer FREE membership to active duty military personnel. The safety orientation is still a requirement, but you will get a card with the combination to use for the year. A renewal application is needed to continue yearly.

***Members may bring a guest one time, but you, the member, are responsible for them. Any rules broken will result in your loss of privilege. Please use wisely.


Membership Application (pdf)

Membership Application (word)


Both outdoor ranges will be closed during the gun deer hunting season November 20th-28th. A second lock will be on the gates for your safety.

We will once again host an "open to all" rifle/shotgun sight-in from 9am-3pm at the 200yd range on Koro Rd. on November 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th. We appreciate any donations given. The members assisting are volunteers. Targets and a couple of spotting scopes are provided.

The 200yd Range on Koro Rd is Open to the Public Friday and Saturday from 9-4pm. A mailbox is located by the trailer with envelopes to place your fee in. Then place it in the mail slot in the trailer door. Cost is $10 per shooter. Children may shoot for free. Rules will be posted on the trailer. Impact berms are in place on the 200yd range for 25, 50, 100 and 200yd targets.

DO NOT SHOOT AT TARGETS UNLESS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF A BERM. This means on the ground, in front of a berm--not on top of it. Ricochets are still happening at short range shooting if not directed into the impact berms.

 Pre-registration is becoming very important to limit face to face exposure. All active events require this as well as social distancing. Some are requiring face masks. Again check the club calendar and call the event directors to confirm so you are not out a trip. Practiscore.com is the preferred pre-registration site.

It has been brought to our attention from several neighbors that shooting is occurring outside our posted rules. Weekday shooting is not allowed before 8:00am. Weekend shooting may start after 8:30am. There will be NO automatic weapons-fire unless approved by the club (must get approval through attendance at a club meeting) and  BMG's are now allowed on weekends only. Violators will lose all privileges and be considered trespassers and prosecuted if found on the ranges again. The noise reflecting off the berms is disrupting enough, we don't need additional reason for them to close us down!!

Projects of interest in the near future as funds permit: 
Cut down trees by the Koro Rd entrance; installation of the Koro Rd & FF signs; installation of a boardwalk between ranges through the marsh (for the IDPA State Match especially); hauling of railroad ties from FF to Koro range for placement of fencing for 50yd bay and parking area; placement of sand/silt to dry up wet areas; repair of potholes in driveways of both ranges; expansion of parking area at Koro range with crushed stone; and rebuilding of the 600yd berm and target area at the FF range; a covered pavilion in front of the 50yd range; leveling and fill for the covered shooting station at the 200yd range, etc... DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! Equipment is a major benefit to offer as well. Thanks to those who do ;)





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